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Why Yes, I AM Bleeding Today!

It's true. My period arrived yesterday and I've been doing my best to rest and honor the fact this is actually a SACRED time. It's rare that even (especially) women view it as something negative, to be ignored and reviled. But honestly, what else would we expect if men are shaping the world we live in and making the rules? And I shouldn't say just "men", because a lot of people with penises or who male-identify are *not* the problem. those in privilege, those with power and influence, now *they* are the one's causing the problem. They are the ones supporting the patriarchy, the misogyny, the misinformation toward those of us who have a uterus or female-identify. Ask yourself, truly, why else such a natural occurrence, a *regular* occurrence, and an occurrence which ensures the propagation and survival of our whole damn species, would be thought of as a roadblock, a hinderance, something to be vilified because why? It gets in the way of productivity. It's something that throughout history the men with penises couldn't totally control or harness.

And those of us who have monthly periods have been ingrained to believe the negative press. Because it *does* hinder our productivity - in a man-run world. Because it does makes us feel angry or conflicted or in pain - because there is no time for us to slow the fuck down for it - in a man-run world. And even up to a few years ago, I was *not* on the "honor your bleed" bandwagon. Screw that. I've never felt the overpowering need to be pregnant, to push a baby from my loins, or nurture my maternal instincts. I didn't have much in the way of maternal instincts. That's ok. I did end up having a kid. I'm lucky cuz she's cool. But over the years I haven't felt blessed to have a uterus, I've spent more time being pissed that we didn't have enough female scientists in charge to create artificial wombs so that you didn't *have* to have a uterus to pass on life. So, no. I wasn't super friendly with my uterus. And I stand by anyone with one who doesn't want to impregnate it. Having said that, I love that I can embrace my body - and the organs within it - with love. With honor. I can't credit myself with some glorious epiphany, I have to give credit to the women who wrote a book, which I read bits of constantly and I pretty much want to buy *everyone* a copy of: The Blood Book. Come on, they even gave it a bad-ass title! XD So much of what I just ranted is within this little gem. It's not long, it doesn't have to be; these ladies pack a punch with every sentence. I'd go on to sing it's praises but it's cold here, I'm hungry, and my uterus is giving a poke of pain to tell me to slow down, shut the fuck up, and eat. So I'll listen! Honor that beautiful fucking Bleed ladies! And check out The Blood Book, because I can't buy it for you all! ;)

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