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Warning: Fangirling In Progress

This is my first post now that I'm finally saying Fuck It! to what this is "supposed" to be and instead I'm sharing shit that makes me shine inside or makes me smile, or gives me hope. And fuck, to just have FUN! Have I said 'Fuck' too much? Meh. So one thing all my friends know is I'm a helpless follower of programs on NHK. If you're not familiar with it, I like to compare it to PBS in the States or the BBC in the UK. But in Japan. And you can watch it with English, thankfully! (I may have lived there, but I've been back in the US for a while so I'd mostly be lost if it wasn't translated.) And it's *free* On Demand online or there's an app, though that only shows what's currently playing. Anyhow! For my fellow queers, my latest find has been the show Five Frames for Love. There's just 2 episodes so far, about 2 gorgeous bishi models who happen to be together and work on opening up Japan's suppressive attitude toward gays. It's inspiring and they are So. Damn. Cute. It's wonderful to see examples of the world getting more inclusive (and not just on Schitt's Creek! I do love that too! XD ) Comment on what you think: Ja! Love All Around! Rin

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