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Upside-down U's in our brains? O.o

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

This will be short(ish), but I can't help mentioning this trend of the upside U rainbow trend. If you think you haven't seen it and you've seen any earrings, fabrics, designs, etc this past year. you've probably seen it without noticing. be sure, it's around, and for whatever reason it resonates with me as well. I'm not going to attempt to drive into theories of the collective unconscious or (less interesting) marketing, I'm just struck by this little trend and it makes my mind ponder these things. The color choices as well. Not bright, not "darkened" colors (think 70's avocado green that looks nothing like a fresh avocado!) and not exactly pastel, at least not traditionally. They are kind of muted, almost "dusty", but still have warmth. I eventually googled "upside-down U" and it *does* have a meaning; it is a symbol. From mathematics. It indicates an intersection or union of two variables. Given our world is a tangle of globalization with so many new "intersections", it strikes me that this symbol has trended in recent years. If nothing else, Covid has shown us, not just how entangled humanity has become, but how much intersection there is between humanity and this world we've been birthed upon. because outbreaks of disease (dis-ease) are going to continue if humanity cuts into deep habitat and ignores the consequences- one of which is encountering maladies we've been insulated from. But Union is also a way to come together, respect, and resolve so many issues. So I don't see the symbol as just a design, or just part of an equation, but (call me a crazy artist) as something that resonates within as signifies union, and therefore hope. Ok, I've probably made some of you gag on my cheesiness, but I'm a lover of Jung and Campbell. This is not out of character for me, even if I curse a storm and get damn frustrated! And I so want to buy those damn earrings, even though they will look *so* dated in 15 years! XD

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