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The Left SUCKS...

My friends have heard me say it and I'll say it again, the Left *sucks at spin*. Meaning that Left-wing and liberal politicians don't know how to market their own damn platform of beliefs. The Right, unfortunately *does*. (Not Republicans but GOP? it means "Grand ol' Party...WTF?) The abortion debate is the example of all examples, and the one that is most meaningful at the moment. Since the abortion battle began it has been Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice. Now, if you had no idea what they were related to, people would pick "life" over "choice", right? It's hard to say "I am ANTI-life". So what we have to think about what the "Choice" stands for and what it would be hard to be "against".

All last night this was spinning in my brain. I kept thinking how the anti-abortion platform is completely ignores the being that is growing the damn embryo, the person that is a developed person already, over the damn *potential* being inside. That mother is relegated to a host, and whatever life they has beyond that is ignored. In fact, the life of that potential child is ALSO ignored. will they have a stable household? Enough food? Safety? None of that is addressed, spoken of or of concern. Why? Because the white old men in charge, making the laws, just want to kept the same dynamic of power. Their power.

The best way to shift that narrative, the easiest way, is (somewhat sadly) to *simplify*. That means a catchy slogan that the vast majority of people won't have to think about. "Pro-Choice" is too removed from a one-step, simple slogan. I know, it sucks, right? But even in these debates- especially in these debates- marketing matters. Hell, these aren't even "debates", they are one side trying to crush the other, usually using their own damn tactics. "Gay agenda"? Why aren't we talking about the "conservative agenda"? The "anti-woman" agenda? Because that agenda is on the table and the people in charge love it.

I will say that our f*cking "elected" officials (I use quotes because they gerrymander and bend the rules to get their votes, more than actually campaigning to get votes) are more on board with these ideas than the general public. Which says a lot about how broken our democracy is now. I'll have to finish up, because life doesn't pause for blogs. I will put out the *alternatives* to Pro-Choice, which are hard to be "against" in their immediacy: Pro-RIGHTS -because it is a fight for a cis woman's damn right to her own BODY.

Pro-HEALTH -because it IS about the health of a woman's body and mind.

Others that went through my brain were Pro-Mothers, because women have a right to decide when and IF to become mother, and that is a HUGE part of it all, plus, how can even conservatives be "anti-mom"? And Pro-Woman, because when it comes down to it, these cis white men up in their towers want to keep the WOMAN down! Not having it anymore guys! Power to the PUSSY!

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