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Re-Vamped Y'all!!

Wow, so inspiration struck and I ran with it! The site now looks more how I imagined it- meaning a moving background, a minimal but pumped shop with a list of (growing!) items! I rarely feel like "THIS is what I wanted! YES!" and actually proud of a creation without caveats. But of course, inevitably, there's, "Awesome. What's next?" O.o Never a real chance to breath when you work for yourself! Hah! But I still prefer it, so I shouldn't split hairs! One thing I *can* gripe on is that my right hand and arm are still constantly at a level of numbness, going on 2 years. It's gotten better in the past years so I really thought it would be normal by now, but all the changes in my life - though good - are still stressors. I'm all about acupuncture and cupping, but I'm going to give physical therapy a go. I did years ago when I had an ulnar nerve compression in my elbow (from the position I was in for breast feeding) and I was diligent with the exercises and it went away after a number of weeks. I may need the appointment just to have someone I need to be accountable to so I remember to do all the exercises ,morning and night! Let's face it, it's tough! But in any case, at least I've had some great things to watch for some energy and smiles! I really don't binge watch (I don't really care for it, honestly), but the Olympics really glues me! haha. So last month was great! I haven't kept up with the Special Olympics as much, because this was such an overhaul of my work and site this month, but I will catch up. And it's the Sumo Tourney this month too, so that's lunch break with the highlights (thank you FREE online, on demand NHK!), but initially I was thinking of We Are Ladyparts (on Peacock). SO GOOD! An *actual* original story featuring an all-female, all-Muslim, all badass band?! If it was crap I'd be lamenting right now, but it's damn good! Here's to season 2!

Ok, I have to go and organize my studio room so I can start start assembling the first around of subscription boxes to go out! **Can I say that if you sign up in Sept your box will go out October 1st?!** Is that fireworks I see? lol. Don't scoff or laugh cuz I'm so excited and it's gonna be SO rad to be sending positivity packages with kick designs and plenty of sass! It's so time for more glitter and bad ass sass in this world! (PS It won't all be rainbows! LOL. That's what I had nearby for the pic! But Most likely it will be new items!) Later gators!

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