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PRIDE! So what if I'm late?!

I had so many plans for Pride, before I was overtaken by a virus that had me bedridden! But I'm back online and I have to gush a bit that I'm stoked to have a whole "PRIDE Shop" section on the site! I'll be updating it throughout the month. ;) And I put a couple of my designs on totes - after working to find a local shop to make them and staying determined to have them made from recycled cotton. (Thank you Custom Threadz of Durham!) It was worth the time and research!

Since I was in bed so much, I was able to follow some of my favorite people on Instagram more closely, and I have to ask if anyone else follows PinkMantaray? (Please say Hell Yes!) He has been so inspiring to me, and his posts hold so much education about trans individuals and history. I grew up so sheltered from so much queer and racial minority struggles. I am humbled and so glad to now learn more about people such as Marsha P Johnson.

I'm also going to gush about Alexis Pauline Gumbs for a moment. It's Pride month so I'm allowed right? :) She's fucking amazing. Her book of prose poetry "Dub: Finding Ceremony" I literally hold close to my heart, quite often. It opens worlds and avenues and empathy to me. Being a Black Feminist Lesbian poet who empowers her work with so much strength and grace helps me find pieces of that within myself. Did I mention she lives in my city?! She's in Durham! She's one of several people I consider local celebs, and someday I'll meet her in person... Not sure when, but...! O.o

So Pride month definitely gets me inspired and motivated, even when I have to put some things on hold for health. I'd really love to hear about who inspires *you*? What stories or books have rooted into your heart? I'm honestly damn curious! <3 <3 <3

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