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CHanges are Challenging but Worth It!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

You can see that the site is totally different and I gotta say, Wix has been *epically* easier to deal with than SquareSpace! I think if you like linear and plugging things in, (intuitively an Illustrator user!) Square works, but if you like more leniency, more do-it-yourself with some borders (intuitively a Photoshop person!) then Wix has in down. I was able to use a “blank template” and go from a general layout but nor be hemmed in. I’m guessing Wix reps are soiling themselves in joy that my first friggin post here is about me loving the platform, but by next week I could be hating it, so we’ll see! More work to do now though! Getting fabric designs for pillows, working on commissions, and trying to get my ass up early to get it all done! As they say in Japan “Gambatte!” (It’s like ‘good luck, go for it, and you got this, all in one! You’ll hear me use it a lot because English has jack shit for the equivalent!) Ja! Get out in the sun y’all!

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