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It's not July already... right??

What the hell happened to June? To my Pride plans?? Oh, right. I was in Chicago and thrown off course. Noted for next year. (Though a summer Chicago trip will always happen, and always begins before the end of June, for personal reasons that some of you may know...or not!)

In any case, I've got my feet firmly planted right now and getting back to a rhythm, starting with the July sumo tournament. For two weeks every other month it gives me something good to focus on and a breather in my day. Which I need as I grow the new YouTube Channel (aptly named RinRin Studios) and work to get my Etsy up. Because you can never have enough ways to shop for art! Growth is great, but I'll admit that when it comes to growing a business, I'm impatient as hell. Having done it before and knowing that there's a learning curve and things take time doesn't quell my impulse to fry my brain trying to think of ways to make it all move faster. Maybe it's the pace of the world, or the way we view so much in time-elapsed clips, or (at least in the US) the way we're raised to look at what's at the end of the path rather than the journey. Whatever it is, I'm working on it. Having said that, I'm going to let myself go to sleep now, because I've never been a morning person but you kind of have to when you have a kid, and I need to work with the schedule to make the most of the hours - and that means time for downtime, which right now means sumo.

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