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It's NOT Covid!

At least, it *wasn't* Covid that knocked me off my game and into bed the other week. Tested negative. Twice. But more than that, everything felt familiar with my symptoms. So my guess is that it was my old nemesis, strep throat. (But I couldn't drive to get a test for that!) Though I'm not in junior high anymore so I had goldenseal, elderberry, zinc, ginger, and apple cider vinegar as my allies! After a week of bedrest, I was finally ok! So that's why I disappeared a couple weeks ago! NOT because of Covid. Though, as I'm traveling soon, I'd prefer to avoid that too!! And why I was offline last week? My kid was sick. A cold, NOT Covid. (Again, *finger crossed* it stays that way through travel plans!) Update Complete. Now on to next full post...!

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