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Male Pole Dance at Sacred Shrine

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Ryota, is a sweet, genuine, and amazingly hot and inspiring as a Japanese male pole dancer - which is a rare career choice. One he excels in! His story is told on the NHK show Five Frames.

So much of what Ryoka says when he is interviewed resonates with me. He felt he'd suffocate if he stayed in his small town, and though I lived just outside Chicago, I knew I needed to travel, to explore. Like Ryota, I couldn't conform for a regular job, even if it's in a field of interest. (This is something I felt chagrined by for a long time, and it still comes up.) And this bleeds into being called to a passion. Ryota was and I know I am as well, but I haven't been able to settle into my space yet. There's things tethering me in an way to static, unhealthy situations. Other things in life ground me, and I'm so grateful for them. True friends and family. So my hope is that in this year, I will be able to untangle from those negative binds, and be free to embrace the things and people I love. It's all waiting there, I can feel it. I just need the freedom to go forward. and the faith in myself to push through. Faith that the numbness in my hands, lasting the past 3 years, will leave me and I can return to true touch. Faith that true connections will endure. And a Future that is bright and waiting for me can be fully stepped into. Freedom, Field, Faith, Family, & Future. I can't escape the meaningfulness of the F's in 5 Frames for Love. Even "Field", which means your realm of work. For me, that's my art, my designs, my painting. My loves.

Now, I'm going to watch the show again! So I can see Ryota pole dance at the Shrine in Part 2! <3 <3 <3

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