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Decisions, Decisions!

First, the major update (at least in life if not art!) is that I finally received my 2nd vaccine shot! Which I thought was going to be hell, given that the first wasn't pretty and most people said the second was worse- not so for me! Whew! Did I mention I HATE needles? That's what happens when you get strep throat every fall in junior high and every time you know a huge penicillin shot is going right into your ass! But I've gotten past it, thankfully. (Now if my 6yr old can do the same after just basic vaccines, we'll be awesome!) Next, I'm back into "doing" mode and really have to choose what I'm going to focus most of my art time on. I've got 3 projects, and they each need my care and attention, so something has to give. Of course, any art group or course you take says to focus on where your passion is, which is all well and good except, ya know, bills! So I've felt bowled over with money issues, especially as I've had a lot of just "life" stuff needing financing. The thing is that I have faith in my endeavors, but they do take time. When I started my writing website I was teaching in Japan for 3 years, so I had a damn sweet cushion. Now I have a kid and commitments... Not the same! I am leaning towards certain endeavors though. It's probably going to take seeing which looks the most promising. Which I don't dig. I like to have a clear goal and then I'm ALL in. And of course the path I choose should effect what I post here, but I really like having this as a little soapbox and sounding board! And I'd love to hear back from people. You don't have to be someone I know already. Hell, that's what makes it interesting half the time. Who else is dealing with which path to pursue? Which project gets your attention? What to get for dinner? :P (Not "make" for dinner, because there's too much else to think about and unlike my partner, it does *not* calm me down!) And is anyone pining for nature? We all should be!

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