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PMS Forever?

Why would I honor, call sacred, the time when I'm the most emotional and volatile and tired? Well, PMS is part of a cycle, and outside of the Partiarchy and cis male dominated world, everything RUNS on cycles: seasons, hormones, life itself. Ya know, those small things. If our own work world ran on cycles, those of us who bleed probably wouldn't end up hating our own bodies natural rhythm. The rhythm that, let's face it, is eternal. O.o

Try setting aside work and business demands. Look and feel nature. Walk in it. Feel it. Does something to your insides, doesn't it? No matter who you are. So unfortunate that, for hundreds of years, the Western world has taught us that humans are ABOVE nature, not part of it. Makes it a hell of a lot easier to abuse and exploit it - and the women who are at the heart of it. How crazy is it that the beings who actually keep our species ALIVE are beaten down? Completely nonsensical. That Handmaiden's Tale could be conceived, let alone that it is daily becoming closer to the truth all the time, is truly insane. But I don't have the energy, during my Pre-Bleed, to think of this darkness. I will, however, give myself as much rest as I can. I will smile at the Truth that nature is WAY greater than one small fraction of our species, and that Nature will absolutely outlast us. It is greater, but our energy is a part of it.

So it really and truly doesn't matter what lies are told; nature and the cycles, will go on. That is Truth, and no matter what crap and lies are slung, the Truth will out.

Now I am going to chill, rest, and listen to the thunder outside, because no matter how loud those ignorant voices are, they are not the thunder, they are not the world, they are not the universe. There are greater things.

Dive into the cycles y'all!

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